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Lin an sunny commodity co.,ltd
Bottlecn update product per week, we are a world supplier based in China, we offer and design glass bottles, glass vials, sand timer, plastic bottles, package tools and caps/closures for you packaging needs.
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Glass bottle
Glass vial
Plastic bottles
Sand timer
fragrance lamp diffuser
Package tools
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about us

A worldwide supplier based in China. 

Service over 600 customers from 54 countries in the world.

offer products: 
glass bottle:
clear glass bottle, blue glass bottle, green glass bottle, amber glass bottle, frosted glass bottle, logo glass bottle, square glass bottle. 

glass vial: 1ml-5ml perfume sampler vials, glass vials with cork stopper, clear, amber glass vials, serum vials, antibiotic injection vials, mini cylinder with sprayer, glass cartridges. 

sand timer: 30 sec - 20 min hourglass sand timer, with suction cap 

plastic bottles: plastic vials, roll-on mini containers, mini cylinders sprayers. 

Caps/closures & accessories: flip off caps company logo, pumps sprayers, cork stopper, rubber stopper, shrink bands, plastic caps, metal caps, lined black caps, polypro foil lined caps, glass droppers. 

package tool: Vial decapping pliers, Hand crimpers vial crimping hand tools, Hand decappers crimp seal removal tools, Bench-top vial crimpers, Auto crimping machine 

aroma products: aroma lamp, burner, stone burner, rattan reed diffuser stick 


We are able to customize any job to fit your needs, including labeling, screen-printing, fog, or specialized packaging! 

Specialized cleaning, kit design and assembly are available for your application. All Glass Vials and assembly are packed in attractive white reinforced low-particulate boxes to minimize breakage and assure safe delivery. 

We can understand customer well and our staff are professional in the field. We will strive to exceed your expectations in all areas of our operations by providing quality, service and availability.


Questions? Please give us a call at 86-571-61078879, 61098879

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Lin an sunny commodity co.,ltd

Ali A & V checked: lin an sunny commodity co.,ltd

Tax ID number: 330124694560423

address: NO518 complex, N0 399 north huancheng RD,lin an hangzhou, china


TEL:86-571-61038879, 61098879


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